Your Children and Grandchildren will Love Learning the Great Aspects of American History!

Abraham Lincoln and His Faithful Pup Helps Children…

Learn History

Abraham Lincoln and His Faithful Pup teaches kids about the Abraham Lincoln, one of the most important leaders in American history, through the eyes of his faithful pup-Fido.

Grow in Kindness

Kindness was one of the keys to what made Abraham Lincoln great. Hear Fido tell of the kindness of his “Faithful Friend” to all people and pets, including his very own pup.

Stand for What is Right

Just as Abraham Lincoln stood for what was right, Fido helps children embrace God’s truth from the example of Abraham Lincoln and seek to live it out in the world-just like he did.

Hugging History

Embrace Greatness!

Through our book series and toys, Hugging History teaches kids about the important events and great people in American History. We seek to emulate the godly values that made these leaders great and desire to advance these noble truths. We wish to inspire all readers-young and old-to pursue and live out God’s truths more fully.

Embracing What is Good and Great.™