Hugging History® is an exciting, new picture book and toy series that seeks to inspire children to love what is good and great about America’s history. Hugging History also presents our country’s faith-filled leaders of the past as excellent role models.   

This heartwarming series is published by America’s Great Stories, Inc., a non-denominational, almost-all volunteer ministry in Lincoln, Nebraska. For more than 20 years, we’ve presented true stories of God-honoring leaders to elementary-aged children and teens—through costumed storytellers! Young adults, parents, and grandparents also love these free historical presentations, too! 

More great news: We’re creating free Family Films to inspire even more children and teens. You can view these excellent reenactors and films at: https://americasgreatstories.org/index.php/storytelling/

Would you help?  

  • When you buy Hugging History books & toys, all profits help youth through this ministry.  
  • Would you tell others about our books & toys, and our free films?  
  • Would you donate to greatly impact young lives? 

Our youth today are desperate to know God’s love and the wonderful fulfillment of living to serve Him, which includes blessing others.   

Please tell your family and friends about Hugging History! Please share our Free Family Films! Together, let’s reach many children and teens with God’s love, truth, and hope.